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  • workshop2

  • The workshop with various stakeholders like OREDA, Domestic suppliers of solar products (solar lanterns to small home systems), including system integrators, Distributors, retailer and entrepreneurs of solar products in Odisha, Finance institutions, including micro-finance institutions, Non-governmental agencies, development agencies, Other stakeholders (consultants, public)  specific recommendations for strengthening solar supply chains and allow specific relationships between suppliers, dealers and/or finance institutions to emerge.


  • This is the program on Revival and promotion of Indian Medical Heritage systems and practices as well as wider adaptation of growing herbs for green treatment as a symbiotic strategy for health and livelihood security as well as to arrest the climate change.

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aranyani & abhipsa
  • Aranyani strives for sustainable livelihood through integrated watershed approach with natural resource management with greater access and control by women.

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  • Abhipsa Program creates an unique opportunity to achieve "climate-friendly" landscapes which include, for example, conversion of non-agricultural degraded land into orchards, interconnected with natural habitats, that are managed to minimize greenhouse emissions and maximize the sequestration of carbon in soils and vegetation.

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  • Sambandh has strived for ensuring the proper implementation of MGNREGS. Adhikar is a right based advocacy programme which aims at building the capacity of the community members to strengthen the demands side by institutionalization at the community level.

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  • Climate change is the major emerging issue of the hour and Sambandh's all its activities are eco-friendly. Altogether in 5 Hecter more than 2000 households have been covered under this initiative.
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  • Anwesha is a model Knowledge Park being set by Sambandh at Kochilanuagaon, Choudwar of Cuttack district. The park is multi-ferrous activity centre. This strives to preserve and propagate various indigenous medicinal & horticultural plants.

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  • An alternative educational initiative for student/youth towards experiential learning

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  • This programme has been undertaken in order to research into the domain of concerned issues affecting the poor, document the various aspects and to publish the findings at a regular interval for dissemination for public education.

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