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Our Focus

Alliance Building Towards Pro-people Policies

Issues of Involvement :

Revival of Indigenous Technology and Knowledge, Participatory conservation and management of bio-diversity in protected areas, Strengthening Local Governments, enhancement of livelihood opportunities, focusing climate change issues, watershed management, promotion of social accountability, combating malnutrition, promotion of green energy alternatives and women empowerment.

Program Components :

Policy watch studies, Knowledge exchange, Human Resource development, support services for sustainable livelihood generation.

Conservation :

We have been gifted with rich natural resources. Increased population has led to the indiscriminate use of natural resources. Nature has also a carrying capacity, which has reached the saturation point and thus has engrossed different agencies to go for conservation. Conservation can be done in both the ex-situ and in-situ method. In this regard, we have also taken initiatives for the protection of our natural resources.

We are working for the bio-diversity conservation, with a special focus on the conservation endangered species of medicinal plants. We are also involved in water and soil conservation through different activities like development of watershed structures, afforestation, land development etc.

Social Accountability :

Government of India is framing so many acts and policies for the upliftment and development of poor and Tribal people, but the negligible percentage of the benefits are reaching to the beneficiaries. There may be several reasons behind it. Sometimes people are not aware and sometimes the middleman comes into play and exploits all the benefits out of the programme and the conditions of the beneficiaries remain all the same. These things are happening now and then in almost several areas, and there is no one accountable for the same. In the present scenario focusing at the NREGA we are promoting the social accountability by involving the community people, facilitating the people to avail the benefits of the Right to Information Act.

Livelihood Generation :

To provide livelihood opportunity to the tribal population living below the poverty line is the major area of focus. We make strategies to generate livelihood from both the farm and non-farm activities. Farm activities, like plantation of horticultural plants, crop demonstration, land development, development of herbal garden, kitchen gardens, grain bank, promotion of crop diversification etc., helps in livelihood generation on a long-term basis. On the other side, non-farm activities, livestock rearing, fishing and hunting, agro processing, small businesses in rural areas, etc., also help the marginalised people a lot.

Market :

To get the right market in today's world is difficult and that to for the poor people, living in the deep forests and difficult terrain. To enhance the livelihood of the poor people a Producer's Company, Healing Heritage has been established which looks after the marketing of the products, produced by the people at the field level. The company is totally owned by the Community people. Also by participating in different states and national level fair, the accessibility has been increased. This has enhanced the income level of the people together with that they have got the recognition in the market.

Climate Change :

Anthropogenic activities have led to the climate change and which ultimately has led to the global warming. Today to regulate the climate change is the major area of concern. We, since the inception of our organization, are involved in the promotion of organic farming and natural resource management by different activities. We have established bio-mass gasifier in Bhalupani village of Dhalabani Gram panchayat of Mayurbhanj district which has given electricity to blackout Similipal. Also the distribution of solar lanterns to more than 100 villages has taken place which promotes the use of alternative source of energy.

Community Resilience :

Development of community resilience is the major subject which makes the programme sustainable on long term basis. To attain this objective, we focus on the institutional development, strengthening of the community based organizations & capacity building of the community on different aspects, so that their skills can be developed and they can know their rights so as, how to get their rights. This is because of the reason that, the government programmes, running for them, are unknown to the people.

Thematic Areas :

  • Integrated Watershed Development,
  • Promotion of sustainable agricultural practices
  • Promotion of Micro-credit & Entrepreneurship development.
  • Value addition to local non-timber and diversified products for medical remedies and herbal pesticides and herbicides

Conservation & promotion of Indigenous Knowledge

Thematic Areas :

Research on medicinal plants, traditional health care, ethno medicinal practices of indigenous communities, Diseases & remedies through local health traditions

Action programs for health security at resource poor household level through home herbal gardens

Strengthening the local health traditions through effective vaidya sanghas and convergence with local governments.

Sensitizing school students towards the conservation and utilization of medicinal plants through promotion of green health clubs

Documentation of local health traditions, medicinal plants availability, Indigenous knowledge & technology

Publication of booklets on plant based home remedies, newsletters on traditional healthcare, natural resource management, issue based posters, training manuals on traditional healthcare & related knowledge, Self help group etc.

Sustainability of the Organization

  • Herbal Drug Production Centre
  • Integrated Farming
  • Nursery Development