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Deemed Desire-Ignited to Action

I am Gurubari Singh, age about 19 years. President of Tulasibani Water Shed Committee. I studied till class 8th and could not continue further as I belong to poor land less family having only 20 decimil of upland. Daily labour and cutting wood from forest is the only source of our livelihood, even I am in pressure to take care of my younger brother. I always had a silent desire to support of my family finacially but lack of technical and educational qualification always curtailed my leg backward with the support of Sambandh I have gained technical knowledge to cultivate tomato by the trainer, and I am successful to apply it on 20 dec. of my uncultivated upland. Organic inputs are providedby Sambandh, in our Watershed programme supported by NABARD.

Now I am able to produce 4 quintals of tomatoes and sold in profitable price, worth rs. 12000/-. With this amount withouit assistance of anyone I am able to cultivate again on the same land and have further opened a Micro pension account in BGB (Baitarani Gramya Bank) to secure my future. This undoubtedly has helped to uplift my family condition financially.

Thanks to NABARd and Sambandh who has helped me in getting confidence back on myself and giving me ample scope to bring smile on my family's face.

SHG Federation : Setting Examples for many

"There are two ways to spread light, to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it" as quoted by Edith Wharton and this has been kept in mind when the question of women empowerment comes. Sambandh's intentions have always been in the direction to make women empowered. Aimed at strengthening the self help capacity of women, deneloping better understanding, cooperation and information sharing within the women groups, creating pressure group at grass-root and for developing a self managemnet system, Sambandh has initiated the process of federating women groups at village and Panchayat level. Mahila Association for Action (MAA), Baletarash and Matrushakti SHG Federation are the symbol of success and every day they are budding and blooming.

The Federations has crossed other milestones and as a manufacturing unit it has established an insence sticks unit with the support of ORMAs & ITC.

Collective Voice………ignited Action :

Panchayat office which is supposed to be an active agent of redressing the problem of the poor and bridging the path of development is gradually becoming autocratic and misguiding its track. The hard fact incidence of Thakurmunda block of 5 GPs is an example to it.Social watch facilitators who are the active means of information in the village traced the opeing of Panchayat office and found the situation very precarious. A community orientation meeting was organized in the respective Gram Panchayatas and awareness was generated on the importance of panchayat office and role it has to play for them. People were also aware that Panchayat is the counter balance of power and it is also accountable to them. All the villagers made a hunger strike at the Panchayat Office for the regular opening of Panchayat office on 14th November, 2011. Many local media nernacular highlighted the matter and the issue which was underneath came out as a volcano and spread over. Knowing about the incidence after the media highlight and word of mouth, The District Collector investigated the matter and send the notive to concern Panchayat office to regularize the opening of Panchayat office in all Govt. working days and strict action will be taken if it is deviated.

Dula Got A New Life

Dularam take Medicine
with Anganawadi Madam

Travel Media Workshop
an 20.02.2013

Dula-Good Name is Dularam Soren.S/O-Baju Soren.Age-27, Village-Kashipal G.P-Podagarh,Block-Jashipur,Dist-Mayurbhanj.He is a Tribal ( Ho Community)BPL family and their two children and wife. He depends upon daily wages for manage their family. Before one year he known, they suffered Tuber clocis (T.B.) diseases. So he conform death is sure. In this time Sambandh organize a Travel media workshop on 20th February 2013 in their village.600 above peoples attend this workshop and shared their problem. Dula went to our dice and said problem. But he does not believe the next day Sambandh family reach their home for give service. Dula came with us their neighbors .we check their health in Jashipur medical and take medicine.Now dula feel very comfortable. After 15 days Dula check 2nd time in medical and Dr. says you don't worry. Most you live after long time. I know progress your health.

A Problem Shared is Problem Halved :

Ignorance and fear are two sides of the same coin which prevailed more among the poor because of literacy and inadequate information. In Durdura Gram Panchayat, Jashipur Block, 45 people were debarred from their 6 week wage due to this.

Kuar Tudu of the transparency workers whicle interacting with them came to know about the issue that since a year passed still they were not provided their dues which they deserve. Making them aware about their rights and MGNREGS rules he also tried to imbibe in them to raise voice against injustice. A village meeting was conducted where they lighted their problem and as a result a decesion was made to give an application to BDO, but it turn futile as BDO refused to accept. A group of 30 SHG mmbers then came in front and made a gherao in front of the Block Office and complained the BDO to accept the application. The a meeting was organized at the work site to scrutunize the issue where JE, BDO, Assistant Engineer, GS, Community people, SHGs and media persons were present.Knowing about the fact the BDO showed his resentment and promised to take action against it and signed aresolution that with in 3 days the pending wage will be given from his own salary if it will be not approved by the higher authority. Afetr this action the 45 people got their wages and thanked the transparency worker for information he shared and imbibing in their mind the strength information and standing against injustice.

Mayurkhir Sagar :

To enhance the milk production at Mayurbhanj and to improve the income of the community a new system have been adopted, in which cows of hybrid varities have been given to 32 community people and further it will be given to more people. Such an initiative has helped in enhancing the nutrition and income of the people.

Some More Impacts :

  • The Government of Odisha is now focusing on Organic farming by using various technologies like SRI. This way the project influcing the Govt. policy partly.
  • PGS has been accepted by Planning Commission of Govt. of India as the best option for certification as an alternative for marginal farmers.
  • Ministry of Agriculture, New elhi has accepted PGS as a certifying method with decentralized decision making process.
  • Good Agriculture & Collection Practices (GACP) in the context of medicinal plants; has accepted by NMPB (National Medicinal Plants Board)