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Climate change is the major emerging issue of the hour and Sambandh's all its activities are eco-friendly. Altogether in 5 Hecter more than 2000 households have been covered under this initiative. Adding to its different intervention to address the climate change, promoting alternative sources of energy is one of them. Sambandh is the part of LABL (Lightening A Billion Life) Campaign where it has reached 1310 households with solar lanterns, 10 villages with mobile charging stations. Biomass-gassifier has been established in Bhaliaguda village of Jahsipur block of Mayurbhanj District which acters to the need of 137 households. It has the capacity of 20 KW and through this different income generation activities have been supported for the vulnerable households, like running of Rice hawler, oil expeller, leaf plate machine. Solar multi utility centre has established at Kochilanuagaon of Choudwar where different income generation activities will be generated for the local people.