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An alternative educational initiative for student/youth towards experiential learning

This is an innovative educational program for students to develop critical consciousness, pro-people attitude and a desire to work for the poor through its basic postulate of "Learning by Doing". In order to make our children environmentally responsible citizens, we need to instill environmental values and sensitivity in them during their formative years. School age children belonging to the age group of 6-14 years have been viewed as both recipients and transmitters of knowledge relating to health & environment. If these children are socialized through scientific & systematic means into behaviour that is conducive to healthy living, they will not only grow into healthy adults but also be able to influence those around them, thereby enhancing the health status of their communities. In this context an attempt has been made to involve school children & teachers through promotion of Green Health Club in schools.

Objectives :

  • To inculcate environmental education in schools with a view to groom them as environmentally sensitive citizen in future.
  • To provide basic orientation to school children on importance of medicinal plants for a healthy environment and their conservation through herbal gardens.
  • To involve the students in mass awareness and sensitization green health & environment.
  • To network with various educational institutions & policy makers for inclusion of local health tradition and uses of various medicinal plants in the school curriculum.

Achievements :

  • Through the process of continuous dialogue with teachers & students 42 Green Health Clubs have been developed in the State who have been involved in creating mass sensitization in Revival & Promotion of the Local Health Tradition.
  • The Green Health club members have been conducting awareness rallies & padayatras at Panchayat level to conserve medicinal plats through Home herbal gardens.
  • The members organize exhibitions & various competitions on traditional health care in schools.
  • Through the initiative of Green health club members & folk practitioners herbal gardens have been developed in school campuses where each member has adopted a plant, takes care of that particular plant and makes the public aware about the utility of that plant.