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  • Workshop

    Workshop on Strengthening Solar Supply Chain in Odisha on 18th march 2013 at Mayfair Convention Centre, Bhubaneswar was being organized with the united efforts of OREDA (Orissa Renewable Energy Development Agency), Practical Action and Sambandh. It addressed the challenges facing the development and maturity of solar supply chains in Odisha.

  • Workshop

    The workshop with various stakeholders like OREDA, Domestic suppliers of solar products (solar lanterns to small home systems), including system integrators, Distributors, retailer and entrepreneurs of solar products in Odisha, Finance institutions, including micro-finance institutions, Non-governmental agencies, development agencies, Other stakeholders (consultants, public) specific recommendations for strengthening solar supply chains and allow specific relationships between suppliers, dealers and/or finance institutions to emerge.


This programme has been undertaken in order to research into the domain of concerned issues affecting the poor, document the various aspects and to publish the findings at a regular interval for dissemination for public education. Attempts have been made to document the indigenous health practices and medicines, non-timber forest produces, environment protection methods, medicinal values of various plant species, rules and regulations under patent laws etc. We also attempt to document the processes of our involvement in order to help in our internal introspection, systematic refined change, keeping the track of direction and corrective measures. Most of our publications are in local language which is easily accessible to local common people. Each of our programme division has different newsletters for private circulation depicting on various concerned issues and experiences of our involvement.