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Sambandh has strived for ensuring the proper implementation of MGNREGS. Adhikar is a right based advocacy programme which aims at building the capacity of the community members to strengthen the demands side by institutionalization at the community level. The major point lies in promoting social accountability among different stakeholders. The programme directly runs in three blocks of Mayurbhanj district i.e, Thakurmunda, Jashipur and Karanjia.

Under this programme different initiative like establishment of Rural Call Centre, formation of Social Watch Group, Capacity Building of the community members, peer learning sessions, different training programme, publication of different IEC materials etc. have been done to strengthen the demand side. As a result of this different initiatives have been taken by the community to hold the system accountable. A new rural call centre was inaugurated by Mr. R. Suresh, Director of PAC to address the information gap in Karanjia on different Govt. schemes and enhance the demand.

Social Audit :

Among different Govt. programme to reduce poverty and improve the lives and livelihood of the poor, MGNREGS is one of them. This quality of work is central to the implementation of this programme. The other key attributes of this scheme are time bound guarantee, labour-intensive work, decentralized participatory planning, women's empowerment, work cite facilities and above all, transparency and accountability through the provision of social audits and right to information. Sambandh was selected to conduct Social Audit under MGNREGS in Thakurmunda block of Mayurbhanj district.

Peer Learning Session :

It is an unique tool which provided a scope to learn and share about the experience among different partners of Citizens Against Corruption programme. Sambandh went for the peer review of Paraspara Trust, at Bangalore where interaction with different key dtake holders and visit to the different offices and PDS shops were done. PAC, Bangalore and Paraspara Trust came to Sambandh, Bhubaneswar to share and learn at Jashipur.

There are 3 Rural Call Centres running to address the information gap at the community level. It caters to the different sorts of information need like details on different Govt. schemes, employment related information, agriculture etc. It also facilitates in establishing linkages with the different agencies and most importantly indirectly builds the capacity of the members visiting the centre.